Friday, June 09, 2006

One day when I'm bigger
Fred (who turned 3 in April) just saw the picture of Breathe in the corner of my blog and shouted 'There's your book mama!' Then she asked if she could read it when she's bigger. I've told her a few times that I write books but I was never really sure how much she got it. All the critics in the world and there's only two little girls I really want to impress. You know, like really. I just want them to think I'm cooool, like any good gen x-er mama.


  1. Your harshest critics one day my darlink ... how amazing that she recognised it ..

    Mwah to Fred. XX

  2. I know. Sigh. Fred Lurves Penguin books, she pulls them all done off the shelf cause of the cute little penguins...I'm sure she'd be a lot more impressed if mine was a penguin too instead of a (random) house.