Friday, September 08, 2006

Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant

When I grow up I want to be Anne Tyler.
How have I never read this before?

I have Digging to America but I'm saving it for our next holiday.
I borrowed The Lovely Bones from the library today, along with Maria's War by Amy Witting (I recently read After Cynthia and loved it. Isobel on the way to the corner shop is one of my favourite novels of all time.) She has a lovely restrained style and glorious characters; richly pyschological books. The kind of books that make you feel like you've had a weekend of good conversation, good company, good wine, good food.


  1. Anonymous8:42 PM

    we read the Lovely Bones through our "book club" (mothers desperate for a good cocktail and time away from family, meeting for such under thinly veiled guise of intellectual activity. OK, it only lasted as long as this one book, then we just started drinking. reading is too hard sometimes)

    I enjoyed it, as at the time I was in my mad serial killer phase, intrigue at how broken people (well, mostly men) can be, but I did find the preoccupation with sex in it a little idiotic. I wanted to read her other book, but fell out of that mentioned phase, and had to stop reading anything about little girls being raped/murdered/abused etc.

    After all I have one of the most intruiging little girls and find the possibility of such treatment occurring at the hands of another human a bit too frightening.

    I also don't like watching horror films. But thats cause I couldn't be bothered wasting (how much do movies cost to see now?) on feeling shitty and nervous on the edge of my chair.

    Can you tell my house is being partially demolished on tuesday and I have until then to box things up and dustproof? yeah, thought it was a bit obvious.

  2. You're a complete nutter Zose.

    I have to read Lovely Bones in half page instalments. Shudder. But I am intrigued by what she's going to do with the story.

  3. Anonymous7:00 AM

    ah well, keep going, i did enjoy it!

    i went to see my first ENJOYABLE movie yesterday in, oh, 5 years i think. (i've only seen about 6 in that time)

    Unfolding Florence. She was a bitch of a woman, but I am determined to spend on some of her wallpaper.

    Maybe I'll make pants.

  4. How had you not read Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant???" The book was in the house for years when you were in your if it has pages read it phase of your life - which hasn't ended yet! That started my love of her books. No one can examine relationships, motivations and emotions the way she can.

    I took a lot from The Lovely Bones I couldn't say I enjoyed it as such, as it was so sad and poignant, but I couldn't put it down. I tried to read her first one Lucky, but it's too hard, too personal.

  5. Maria's War is great - I had forgotten I had read that one. I read the review for Digging to America - it sounds wonderful! I must find it! Anne Tyler is fabulous!