Thursday, September 28, 2006

Happy BIrthday Una Pearl



And to celebrate, I FINISHED RISE!!

You know, balloons and streamers really ought to come down from the ceiling when you finish a novel. Someone should do something about that.

We celebrated both these auspicious events with a souvlaki in the park and a spectacularly pink sunset.


  1. Happy Birthday Sweet Una
    & hearty congrats on finishing Rise Pen!

  2. Anonymous7:40 AM

    ah, i remmber looking at that picture of you so tired and round and remembering with horror being 2 weeks over with willow and having garth take a picture of my belly. It was so tight, you could see his reflection in my skin.

    3# htiw deffud era ew won.

    happy b'day una, and congrats fred for doing a year as a big sis (even if you've spent most of it not being able to breath out your nose choked with snot!)

  3. hope you had a wonderful birthday Una Pearl!