Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Me

This is the first photograph of me and Frederique. We bought the digital camera for Fred's impending birth so there are no pre-mother photos of me on the computer and we can't work out the scanner.

This is one of my favourite photos of me and Fred. Even though you can't see my face, it's very distinctively me (my tattoo and my wedding ring give me away).

This is a photo of me pregnant with Una (scarily enough, considering the size of my belly I was only 12 weeks - though she did end up being over 10lbs so maybe that was an early clue). I love being pregnant. I think I'll have to do it again sometime.

This is one of the the first - and one of the few - photos of me and Una, taken the day we came home a few days after her birth by Dusty Jo. I love this photo because it's also one of the first quiet moments I had with Una at home. It's actually astoundingly serene because Fred was screaming in the other room at the time.

Oh okay, I lied, I do have one premotherhood photo of me. It's a photo of a photo so not especially brilliant in quality but you get the general idea. Yes that is the laundromat on Brunswick St (daggy end) behind me. No I'm not doing laundry.

Happy birthday ME! We've got babysitters lined up this afternoon and we're off to see a movie - probably The Queen. Hooray.


  1. Anonymous10:18 PM

    Happy Birthday to you and Martin! What a week... Lovely, lovely photos. Cheeky devil. And I know that laundrette... near where my sister used to live. I also have to tell you that I just finished reading Undine (Christmas present) today in snatched moments, filling the cracks of the day. Loved it.

  2. Happy Birthday and loads of love to the baby. She sure is an angel.The photos are simply wonderful. Peep into My Blog for some exclusive birthday gift ideas.

  3. Happy Birthday Penni. Hope you had a fabulous day filled with love, laughs and few quiet moments for reflection. with love and hugs, kath xxxx

  4. Hey Penn
    It was such a bonus to see you on Martian's bday in Lygon St. Our visit was manic and dusty and hot. And I got so sick of being around people. I didn't see anyone else twice (except Ad and Al who we saw pregnant and then parents within two weeks so that was an exception) .. crazy times.
    That photo of you and Fred you look 13 .. it's gorgeous. :)