Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Memorable moments this Christmas

* Rain on Christmas morning. Real, ground soaking, green making, consequential rain.
* Mt Buller's white Christmas, amid bushfires. Enough to make you believe in Christmas.
* James Taylor singing Our Town on the Cars soundtrack (surprisingly, one of Pixar's best films...in my opinion anyway, for some reason my expectations had been low. But it's just the right kind of nostalgic, even poignant, and lots of laugh out loud funny moments. I love a road movie/small town narrative and this one really struck a chord with me).
* The look on Frederique's face after she opened her first present and said, with real joy, 'Is it for me?' (This did diminish and towards the end she had a glazed consumerist acquisitive expression, but you know...there was that moment...)
* The sight of Una unwrapping her presents, very studiously discarding each present and having a ball with the paper (ah, it's such a baby cliche but it's a cute cliche).
* Una holding her new tiny baby doll and stroking its forehead and saying 'shh'.
* Making the decision not to photograph the present opening but enjoy the moment for what it was.
* Fred running riot with her cousin, Nina.
* Opening my presents from Martin - beautiful things from Luft, my favourite shop.
* Crispy duck skin in the salad. Homemade raspberry icecream. Simple good food.
* Driving home on Christmas night in the rain across the Westgate Bridge and through the city. We don't drive at night much these days (the girls are in bed well before dark) and it's quite a magical thing to do.

It's Martin's birthday today. Happy Birthday my One. Thanks for being.

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  1. hey Penni, glad you had a beautiful day with some precious moments. Happy birthday Martin! peace and love to you and yours from me and mine. kath xxxx