Monday, March 05, 2007

It's a....


Yes, I am pleased to announce that the postie just popped by with a little parcel for me - my very own first copy of DRIFT! Hooray!! The cover looks even more beautiful in real life and a little thicker and weightier...312 pages. Breathe and Undine were each around 245.

Oh yes, it's an exciting moment. It's real. I made a thing.

Can't bear to read it though. I open it tentatively, scared that I've made some critical error on the first page, or as if something terrible, some kind of flat, papery monster, lurks inside the covers waiting for me. Ooh, look. Watery images in the internal pages. Pretty.

Fred was fairly impressed for about 22 seconds. Una thinks the postman is daddy. Ha ha.


  1. Congratulations. There is something astonishing about seeing your work in print. It validates. It gives weight and pushes a writer to continue through the next project.
    Peace from Michigan, USA

  2. Anonymous12:10 PM

    Ohh how exciting! Congratulations.

  3. Yay!!! Can't wait to get our hands on a copy! When is the release date? Have you decided on a venue for it's launch yet? Soooo exciting!

  4. Thanks. Nothing like that first unsullied book, nice unbent spine...smooth, glossy cover. Hooray for being validated. No launch I don't think. I am just crap at organising such things. I need a personal PR know really Martin should organise it. He's the organiser of the family.

  5. Employ Martin as your PR person. There you go..problem solved. Now M, where are you going to have Penni's book launch and what time shall we be there? Will you be providing nibblies or should I bring a tray of sanga's?

  6. Will there be a Brissie launch/signing? I have a fold out couch you can sleep on!
    (the oh so glamorous life of a