Tuesday, March 06, 2007

More photos

New publicity shots, taken by Spin Images

A little something I made for a one-year-old friend, Daisy. The mouthlessness is completely aesthetic and not at all because I can't embroider. I made another one for a four-year-old friend Eliza but had to wrap it in a hurry and didn't get a picture. Fred, bless her 100% cotton socks, has dutifully requested one for her birthday. Sorry about the quality of the pics but Fred doesn't stand still. She's also nude and I thought I better edit out some nudity for the sake of her future self, the one who one day might be embarrassed by her youthful propensity to spend most of the time airing her skin.

And Una, dressed by mousepocket. Thanks Zose, we love them. I have a return parcel that will be winging its way Sydneywards soon. Fred, cretin that she is, refused to leave hers on and be photographed because she knew I wanted her to (plus see above). I need to leave it lying around sometime and say 'Whatever you do, don't wear that and don't let me take a picture of you.' Or tell her about her New Mother, with glass eyes and a wooden tail, the one who comes to live here if she is naughty.


  1. ACK! Cuteness overload!
    Good work Penni your creation is super kawaii.
    Well, all three creations - F and U are supersweet too.

    ps: I love picture #2 the bestest.

  2. Anonymous7:20 PM

    That dress is cuteness personified. And long may Fred's exuberance survive - ok, not that she should be a streaker or anything...

    Those pics of you are lovely. And your tatt looks interesting?

  3. It doesn't look like you without your glasses. Lovely pics though. I love love love your handiwork. It's gorgeous. I'll have to pinch that idea dna try and fluff something up for Jemima's room. I'm in love with Una's Mousepocket smock too. She looks delishus in it.

  4. Anonymous10:40 PM

    lovely photos Pen. I like the second one best. I was thinking something didn't seem right about them though and then realised - no glasses!

    Love Una's dress - it is divine. AS is the girl child. :)

  5. Well that's good because the second one was the one I sent out to all the publishers. I was wearing prescription sunnies that day so I took them off inside obviously.