Friday, March 02, 2007

Painting day

And one of Fred's photos. She has just mastered cutting one-handed with scissors, so we now live with a thousand small squares of paper.


  1. Anonymous7:51 PM

    How you manage all those (cute) younguns and still pull off publishing contracts is beyond me. Congratulations. I heard Penguin was trying to upgrade its list.

    Your dresser in the background, by the way, is precisely the model my grandmother owned.

  2. your girls are gorgeous Pen. having a fab time. Cannot believe I've never met Una irl. maybe you could come to the OBP national meet in April (Bris) for a surprise - you can be the 'special guest celebrity'. whaddyareckon?


    ps. is that dresser under cover? it's lovely.

  3. Yes it is, most of our backyard is undercover except for the garden beds, which is good and bad (I miss big tracts of sky).

    Gota, whenever I think about how much I have to do I feel dizzy and need to lie down, but just doing a bit at a time is pretty much how I manage it. And of course I don't post pictures on the blog of Fred watching television or how badly our bathroom walls need a good scrubbin', ;) A little bit of life editing...