Sunday, March 01, 2009

More Photos

Summer is officially over, but we are reminded that fire season isn't. Tuesday is now being heralded as the worst day since Friday and schools may close again. To say I am sick of it is an understatement. Clouds have sat grey and swollen, low in the sky, all day. We have waited anxiously for them to open. Everything is so parched and dry. Tuesday isn't going to be hot, but they are expecting winds at 150km an hour. Weather. All this weather and no rain.
These photos were taken by Martin yesterday just up the hill from us, about five minutes drive away. I hasten to add that from our house we can't see any of this, we still have green bush across the road. It is utterly unbelievable to me to think: walk down to the road and turn right. Cross the bridge. Walk another five or ten minutes and there's this, the world deprived of colour:

The road past Mitten's Bridge is still closed. Martin went through with friends to help them clear their property and pick up the oddments that survived, a kid's playgym. A letterbox. Bits and pieces.
This last one I took in our front garden on the evening of Sunday the 8th. The whole garden glowed radiant orange red. It was the most terrifying beauty I have witnessed.


  1. To think it's green where you are and blackened around the corner somehow helps bring it closer to me - it is often at the front, and always at the back of my mind, the scorched earth and ruined lives.

    May all be well. Thinking of you and wishing it will pass quickly and uneventfully.

  2. Anonymous9:58 AM

    but it is only devoid of colour for now.
    in a few weeks it will start turning the most vivid and fresh green, little shoots pushing their way through the desolation.

  3. I felt as much at mercy of the weather when storms hit the Central Coast in June 2007. There was an eerie sense of calm when the worst of the storms had passed. It was as though no one was breathing.

  4. Bloody hell. Beautiful photos.

    Someone on the radio today said "I'm just so sick of this, feeling uneasy all the time". I'm sure you can relate.

    Reminds me how small we are in the scheme of things. What a force the earth is. Gives me a whole new appreciation (and fear) of nature.

  5. Those colours are beautiful and seem to look like the same pinks of those lilly shoots that are poking up through the ash in some places.

    Please take care tonight and tomorrow!

  6. those pictures look like something out of the scary part of a fairytale... i hope march brings some relief.

  7. Faaaaark - nightmarish.