Sunday, March 08, 2009

Thanks Everyone

for your kind words of encouragement and your sympathetic oohs and ahs and catchings of breath. I am past feeling near death and hovering closer to ninnyish.

Probably fortunately I am in no position to give up driving altogether, though by necessity I've had the weekend off holidaying, oddly enough, with my mechanic, who is also my brother in law. I will have to drive on Tuesday from Melbourne to somewhere west of Bacchus Marsh (birthplace of Peter Carey) to a school camp. Yes. Whee. Then on Tuesday night back to uni to teach and then back to west of Bacchus Marsh for more camping fun. So driving ahoy. I don't feel too shaky about the idea of being behind the wheel, though something tells me I'll be driving plenty slow, specially if there's a sprinkling of rain about.

Now I should be packing, just back from a weekend at the beach, off now to this work bizzo. I am quite looking forward to coming home on Wednesday and belonging to my own house once more and doing some good honest writing on Thursday.


  1. Back on that horse Penn, Giddyup!! The freedom and experience of the vehicle is too good to lose, good on you babe. XX

  2. Odd synchronicity - passed a red Nikki today. Ghost of crashes past!

  3. Well I clocked up about 7 hours of driving over the last 36 hours. Am buggered, but driving was fine.