Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Twits

I have been accused of twittering too much and not blogging, so I am now going to blog...about Twitter. It is oddly compelling,in fact so much so that I think I may have to go cold turkey, for fear of losing myself to the dubious pleasure of instant gratification. Anyway, in the interests of posterity (twitter is unnervingly ephemeral) I thought I might retrieve - and occasionally expand - on some of my recent tweets.

Balloons have an odd air of sentience about them.
As I typed this afternoon I saw, out of the corner of my eye, something oddly white bob into the room, and of course my first thought was rodent, despite the lightness and the bobbing. It was a balloon of course, propelled by a draught through the gap under the door. It seemed to be coming in with - if this is not an oxymoron - idle purpose, as if to say 'I've been hanging around in the vestibule for ages and there's nothing really happening there...what are you guys doing?'

Una puts a stone against my ear and asks me what I can hear.
to which @KitchenDani replied Did you tell her you are stone deaf? And @lukeii said 'Rock music?' Ha ha - punny. And yet it was a lovely moment, I really listened. I was genuinely sad when I didn't hear anything. Una said she heard the sea. I liked that idea, of a small ocean, trapped deep inside the heart of a stone.

@KevinRuddPM Squee - it's just like in West Wing!
After seeing photos of Kevin and Obama hanging out on the set of West Wing er, the White House.

Bratz - Adventure Girlz Yasmin: Comes with Adventure Accessories including Hair Brush
Fred has asked for a Bratz for her birthday. We are considering it. I was kinda pleased to find an 'adventure girlz' series (is my problem with Bratz that she is a skanky ho, or the white trash spelling of everything?), until I realised she comes with a hair brush. I'd almost prefer to buy her the spunky princess Bratz than a sexed up supposedly adventurous girl who has a hairbrush and a walky talky (gosh, it looks just like a pink cell phone) in her 'adventure' kit. At least it starts to unpack the princess myth by directly contradicting the demure sexuality of the Disney Chicks. I actually went looking for one in the city (any Bratz) to see if I could get past my hatred of one enough to admit one onto the property and couldn't find one. Most of Myer seems to be closed, and David Jones's departments each seem to have shrunk to a third their original size. I guess that's the whole economic downturn thing, needless to say it was a bit of a shock.

Coined a new verb today: procrastibaking. Go forth and use it muchly.
Only turns out other people already thought of it already. Darn it all to heck.

Wasps wasps coming inside droning against the window glass you are too slow to live wasps.
Autumn is wasp season, they come inside with their long malevolent torsos. Martin is frightened of them but they are easy to kill. Last year they fed on the pears on the tree, the ones we attempted to save from the birds (it didn't work, the birds got inside the nets and we managed to harvest only two pears). This year we didn't even try to net the pear trees and the fruit was mostly picked off before it was even ripe, so the wasps haven't been attracted by the scent of fermenting fruit; they haven't been gorging themselves into a drunken stupour. There was also a rumoured nest on a neighbour's property last year, which apparently has been removed. Or perhaps it's just not been such a good year for wasps.

And finally:
Facebook started with a man on a boat who didn't want to talk to his friends. Are we surprised it can't cope when we do want to interact?


  1. Someone came up with procrastibaking already? Damn.

    I just started a new blog... strange musings on what kind of film my life would be (a French one, it turns out).

    I'm gonna keep procrastibaking anyway.

  2. I don't get twitter. I'm not even going to look into it, another online addiction is the last thing I need!

    I admire your flexibility and willingness to consider Bratz. I wish I wasn't so rigid sometimes, I just can't go there with Mieke. I feel like if I do then I've given in to everything I said I never would (Barbies, Disney shit, basically All Things Licensed) What should we get Fred this year?

  3. Bratz are skanky but I don't think it affects little girls as much as seeing a Pussycat Dolls music video does. I was raised on Barbies and so far I've turned out alright.
    I haven't been the same since I watched Video Hits, though.
    Disney = they're going to take over the world. Through children.

  4. Mmmmm not envying you there. Wondering what the boy equivalent will be. Isn't this living in the bush business supposed to keep our children interested in small furry animals until the teen years are over??

    A thought about Peter Carey - 'Bliss'

  5. love your thoughts on twitter .. it really is mesmerizing.

    when i use procrastibaking i will always attribute it to *you*.

  6. Anonymous7:46 PM

    dude, as far as i've heard, bratz don't exist now. some sort of agreement between designer and manufacture was voided or some weirdness, i'll try and get info.

    they'll be on the collectors in 6 months.

  7. Anonymous7:48 PM


  8. Anonymous7:52 PM

    and also:

    (and if it comes from wikipedia, it *must* be true...)

  9. I am being sucked into the "professional" twitter / facebook space. I am washed out and exhausted from the effort this week. It's making me feel all anxious and jittery, kinda like video games are supposed to make teen boys feel.

  10. Don't do Bratz! They're evil.

    I am sometimes so glad I don't have daughters, for reasons like this.

    If you do succumb (and the pressure must be enormous!) I think your instincts are right. Go with the Princess rather than Adventure which means a hairbrush and a pink walkie talkie. If you're going to go princess, at least tell it like it is. Don't have her think adventure =brushing one's own hair.


    I have resisted Twitter as more procrastiNATing I don't need, but fear I may succumb as I did with Facebook ...

  11. Hard. I'm in two minds as to how to deal with this if it comes up in our house. Torn between not wanting to make the desire worse through prohibition and not wanting to throw hard earned money towards something I believe is inherently wrong.

  12. Thanks for the links Zose - i knew that Barbie won, but I didn't realise that meant death to Bratz. Told Fred today and she hit me. Perhaps it was my lighthearted, even joyful, tone. Offered her a trampoline or a tandem bike instead. She was tempted. But nah...she wants a Bratz with hair that changes colour (??)

  13. Is there a Tonkz Bratz??