Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Night Meme - soundtrack to the movie of my life

I'm sitting here while Martin watches Futurama, noodling and twiddling and poking about and fiddling and decided to nick this meme. Been a while since I did a good meme. Anyway, this one has complicated rules. So you copy all the categories below and then you open I-Tunes and pick Shuffle. You refresh for every category and hit next song. This was FUN. And now I want to write a movie for the soundtrack. Plus it's been ages since I've listened to music through headphones. I forgot how cool it is.

Some of them are spooky-accurate. I cheated once. The fight song. Sorry, but if I had to fight to The Lighthouse by the Waifs, then it would be one of those fights that involves lots of moody glances and no fisticuffs. I want crunching bones. I'm wicked violent like that.

Opening Credits: Since I've Been Around - The Waifs

Waking Up: Mysterons - Portishead (ah, Portishead, bless you. Sooo nineties - I'm having getting my hair cut Winona Ryder style flashbacks, c.1997)

First Day At School: Up Against the Wall - The Whitlams (ha ha ha)

Falling In Love: Call It Up - Nizlopi

Fight Song: I'm Not Your Baby - Sinead O'Connor and U2 (yeah, swearing. Crunching bones)

Breaking Up: Mother of God - Patty Griffin (um, I don't even know where this came from! But it's lovely. Must be courtesy of Darebin library)

Leaver's Dinner (what that other continent calls the Prom): Martha - Tom Waits

Life: I Am A...- Justine Clarke (Yay!!)

Mental Breakdown: (no bullshit, this is what came up) Cries Too Hard - The Whitlams

Driving: Humpty Dumpty - The Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra (don't laugh, I share my Itunes with Fred. But it's actually beautiful, lovely Great Ocean Road music)

Flashback: Careless - Angie Hart

Getting back together: Spiders - Moby
(surprisingly apt actually)

Wedding: Deeper Water - Paul Kelly (upside, beautiful song, downside, the wife in the song's narrative dies).

Birth of Child: Raspberry Swirl - Tori Amos (it was one song away from being Justine's 'It's My Birthday Today'. Luckily Tori is so (delightfully) obscure it could be about anything.)

Final Battle: Handle With Care - Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins (oh yeah, baby)

Death Scene: Love Should - Moby (and oh how it rains, and oh how it pours)

Funeral Song: What if - Coldplay

End Credits: Empire - Bomb the Bass featuring Sinead O'Connor (or Wiggle Bay - okay so I cheated twice)


  1. will it fit if I type mine in here?
    Opening Credits: Hannah and Gabi - Lemonheads
    Waking Up: Black Sheep - Sneaker Pimps
    First Day At School: I will make you cry - Nelly Furtado
    Falling In Love: Ball and Biscuit - White Stripes
    Fight Song: The Walk - Imogen Heap
    Breaking Up: Blue - Leigh Nash
    Leaver's Dinner: Heart of Glass (blondie) but by Nouvelle Vague
    Life: The Frog Princess - read by Emma Chambers
    Mental Breakdown: Nobody's an Angel - Lisa Miller
    Driving: Shelter - Xavier Rudd
    Flashback: She digs Her - You am I
    Getting back together: Get what you need - Jet
    Wedding: We're going to be friends - Jack Johnson
    Birth of Child: Pieces of Sky - Beth Orton
    Final Battle: Half of everything - Lloyd Cole
    Death Scene: Telescope Eyes - Eisley
    Funeral Song: All these things that I have done - The Killers
    End Credits: Blue Blue Heart - Bic Runga

    Some of them work, most don't! Love my funeral song! Wedding too .. that is such a gorgeous song. My Life song is pretty apt too .. even if it is a story!

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