Saturday, June 16, 2007

Why reading matters

"What are you here for? That's the question you have to ask. Reading matters, we all agree upon that. Why does reading matter?"
David Levithan

Please, listen to him say this and more. It is both educational and elivening, edifying and inspiring. Kids need books. Kill the vampires. Listen to Levithan. If you are a parent, a teacher, a writer, a publisher, a librarian, a reader, a teenager, if you ever were a teenager or if you are planning on being one sometime. If you are gay, straight, stupid, smart, happy, sad, angry...if you ever went to the bookshelf and the book you wanted wasn't there, the book you've always looked for and never found, the book that would help you discover who you are, the book that was about you, about a girl, about a boy like you, then listen. If you found the book, found yourself in books, then listen and imagine what it would have been like if that book, or those books, hadn't been there.

Via Lili, who fights the good fight.