Friday, June 01, 2007


Sharon tagged me ages ago and I forgot! I haven't done a meme for ages, so here it is.

1. Four of my favourite jobs
I haven't actually had all that many jobs.
*My first favourite job is being a writer. I can't believe I get paid for something I would do anyway. But I am glad I do get paid for it because I push
*My second favourite job is being an editor. The first time I said to someone, 'um...I get paid to read in bed' was a good, good day. I love being part of a book, I love talking to other people about characters and ideas and what works and what doesn't work, I love being able to live in someone else's head, someone else's world for a good prolonged while.
*Okay, pretty much after that I can only think of the crappy jobs I've done like childcare (which isn't in itself crappy, actually it's quite fun, but the conditions and pay are shocking) and market research - I seriously felt sick every time I dialed a number.
*I feel weird saying being mum to Fred and Una is a job because a) it's not, it's just daily life and b) I have a job. (However, I fight for the right for other people to call it a job though, I think otherwise there are serious status issues for stay at home mums).
2. Four of my favourite local places
Despite the plethora of cafes, parks and places around here my first response is:
*Kate's house.
*Zoe's house
*John St, our creche. I have serious love for that place, for the role it has in our lives, for the relationships Fred and Una have forged there.
*Um, I think I have to say, for things in walking distance, Ceres. Anywhere outside that kids can go wild and run around and I can sit and drink coffee is all right by me. Or the library. Love the library.
But I also love Souk (the teahouse), Westgarth cinema, Alphabet City, the sourdough bakery, Psorakis (market where we get our fruit, veggies and meat). Slightly further afield, the museum, the zoo, and Collingwood Children's Farm (all a bike ride away) and our close proximity to Melbourne Uni and the cbd. I love Melbourne's CBD, I love the energy of it.

3. Four of my favourite foods
*Fish with ratatouille
*Pumpin and chorizo
*Ricotta cheese on fresh sour dough bread
*Polenta cooked with milk, mashed with fruit (baby food)

4. Four of my favourite international places
*Amorgos - because I got married there
*Athens - there are two types of people in this world. People who HATE Athens and people who love it. I love it. I love the combination of modern life and ancient things, relics that loom over the landscape. The whole city feels drenched in time. If there is a crack anywhere in the world that you could step into the past, it's in Athens.
*Amsterdam - I love a walkable city, and all the toyshops are so beautiful. There's also something kind of compatible for me in the cool, slightly aloof, yet friendly reception I got as a young woman travelling on my own. I wasn't fussed over at all, which suited me.
*Parga - despite the touristiness of this mainland, coastal Greek town, it's stayed with me, an amazing sense of place. We hired a motorbike and it was such a fantastic day, driving around the countryside. We saw the Nekromanteion (oracle of death) and the River Styx, as well as a tortoise crossing the road, pelicans nesting on the roof of a church, an old man driving his herd of goats down the was pretty much the best day ever. Ending with a swim in the beautiful sparkling Ionian Sea.

5. Four name's of people I am tagging
Consider yourselves tagged.


  1. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky. So it's MY fault if I get distracted, is it? I see through your clever little ploy, my pretty!
    ...But because I actually should be doing at least two other things, I shall go ahead and do this instead. Don't think I don't blame you though!

  2. Oops. I had other things to do too.