Monday, June 18, 2007


Go read guest-blogger Sophie Masson's post on the Good Reading Magazine blog about why she writes for children and all the comments from lots of great kid's book writers (including me).

We are loving Good Reading Magazine at Eglantine's Cake right now because Anastasia Gonis gave Drift a FIVE STAR REVIEW in the June issue.
This magical trilogy is a reading experience. The sequence is never linear but written in loops, in and out of alternative worlds, governed by the laws of physics. Drift is full of significant meanings within meanings: highly intelligent and imaginative.
We also love Good Reading Magazine because it's about books, and it actually devotes serious critical attention to children's books.


  1. Congrats on the Good Reading review Penni, I'm so proud of you .. well deserved. And worth a million amazon reviews in my humble opinion ;). From a Good Reading subscriber ;)))).

  2. Drift is out, you checky bugger, did you tell the world and i missed it. I must run off and order a copy tomorrow, actually that would be today considering it's 12:18am. What the heck am I still doing up.

    Well done on the good review Penn, your such an amazing talent writing and everyone should know it.

    **waves hello to Dusty Jo**