Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hedgy-hog nightlight

This has been far and away the best thing we've bought Fred this year. It's a nightlight you plug in and charge up by day and switch on at night. It shifts colours, from blue, red, green and white and is a lovely dim glow in the room. The best thing about it is that it's cool to touch, so Fred can carry it to the toilet with her. There's other ones, including a little bird that sits on a base station rather than plugging into a cord to recharge (recommended because then you don't have to remember to charge it, though if we do forget we just leave it switched on and plugged in and Fred simply unplugs it if she wants to take it with her.) There's also a penguin and a dog. You can buy them online here but I've seen them in a few gift shops and toy shops now. We bought ours at a little shop opposite Piedemontes in North Fitzroy (not Luft, up the road a bit). Fred has been scared of the dark for a while now and is still in night nappies, too scared to go to the toilet at night. She seriously loves walking around in the dark now with the hedgehog, you cna see her trying to suppress her smile when she gets up to go to the toilet when we're still up. We are now under strict instructions to leave the bathroom light OFF.

They're very reasonably priced too, good for a present. The bigger ones, like the hedgehog are about $40 and the bird was about $30. The hedgehog is wicked cute though.

Made by Ikaboo.

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