Saturday, September 08, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge


I've decided to start doing the Self-Portrait Challenge. I've thought about it before, being a big fan of Muppinstuff, Janet's been doing the challenge forever. I had been thinking about waiting till we acquire a better camera, but now that we've acquired a house, a new camera seems unlikely for a while. Anyway, today we are all sick (isn't everyone?) and I finally got round to taking some photos, even though I signed up a few weeks ago. It's a band wagon that's been rolling for a while and I feel like I'm rather late jumping on it. And what if I fall off? But anyway.
The theme this month is bathrooms. I don't love our bathroom - in fact in this odd little house it's one of my least favourite rooms. It's c-c-c-c-cold with a window that doesn't close, and the bathroom/shower set up is nothing short of bizarre, though it's been quite workable. I wouldn't want to be 9 months pregnant and trying to climb (literally) into the shower. I do like this little mirror though.
I am sure the photos will get more adventurous when I work out how to use the timer.


  1. ooh Penni, I'm so pleased.

    I like your first one.

  2. we're all sick too. It seems like everyone I know has some version of it, and I think we should all be sensible and rest until it's gone.

  3. Anonymous9:57 PM

    I, too have been a fan of Muppinstuff's self portrait challenge. There is something really interesting about taking your own photo, what comes out, how you feel about it, what you want to see in yourself.

    Your first one was a good one.

  4. It was extremely quite confronting pointing the camera at myself, especially the ones where I looked right into the lens. Do I smile? Do I squint blearily and look 20 years older? (Apparently yes, I do). And in the end it was also about choosing the best composed shot to post, not the best photo of me. I am sure it will be good for me.

  5. wow Penni - sensational photo. Love it! xxxx

  6. Welcome to SPC! I like your style already. The off-center composition; just a glimpse of you; nicely done!

  7. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Welcome to SPC from another fan of Muppinstuff and her self portraits. Looking forward to seeing more of you!