Monday, September 24, 2007


Today at the traffic lights a man stood next to me and laughed. He smelt strongly and sweetly of too much soap. He said 'Did you hit the button?' I answered yes. He hit it anyway. Then he said, 'Did you hit the button for me?' It was after that he started to laugh.

I did the wickedest writing exercise today, involving the form guide (you know the horse bit of the paper). It was Carrie Tiffany's exercise. Boy is she smart. And she has the most mellifluous reading voice, I could listen to her read all day, it was like liquid gold.

I am making a cake. It has earl grey teabags in it (not the bag, just the tea) and will have strawberry jam icing. It's for Una to take to creche tomorrow so everyone can happy birthday and hip hip hooray her for Friday. Making cakes at 10.30 is madness. Icing it at 7.30am will be fun. Not. And then I don't even get to eat any.


  1. Anonymous10:50 PM

    yeah, i once catered for a party of 40. there were homemade brilliantly iced cup cakes with hand crafted and painted suger butterflies.
    It took until midnight.

    i was 36 weeks pregnant with my third baby.
    can i have the earl grey cake recipe ?

  2. Cake fell apart. I am zen. She can take on next week. That's teach me for thinking i should line the tin with baking paper and then not doing it.

    I've made them before, both as cupcakes and as one big cake. Delicious.

  3. Earl Grey tea cake??

    I'm making a cake today too - (I'm really not a very good cake maker...but I keep trying ) - it's an orange cake with two whole processed oranges and lots of almond meal and hardly any flour and I have no idea if it will taste good or not.

    Luckily my kids aren't fussy - and will be thrilled to be given cake after school no matter how it turns out.

  4. Rebecca, that sounds like my favourite cake (though In make it with no flour and often mandarins.) I am no cake maker either, as last night's catastrophe shows. I'm more a dinner maker than a cake/dessert/biscuity thing maker. Martin makes good slices though.