Sunday, July 24, 2011

Conversations after dark

Una: Those lights were very bright in my eyes.
Martin: They were bright. I flashed my lights at him to tell him his lights were too bright.
Una: (thoughtful pause.) He or she.
Martin: Yes.
Una: Why do you always say he when you're talking about someone you don't know?
Martin: Do I?
Una: Yes, when you mean she or he, you always say he. Why do you do that?
Martin: Social conditioning.
Una: I know why Daddy always says he. Because he likes boys the best.

Una: I am going to close my eyes and dream about Raphael. I am going to dream he gives me the true love kiss and then we will dance the tango.


  1. Please tell me she doesn't mean Raphael the teenage mutant ninja turtle. Because if she doesn't that is very sweet. If she does, it's a little bit creepy.

  2. She actually knows three boys called Raphael, so it could be any one of them. I am not sure if any of THEM are named after the teenage mutant ninja turtles. Now that would be creepy.

  3. Anonymous10:08 PM

    oh oh oh. That Una. So wise, so funny, so naive. Thanks, Una (and Penni).

  4. Martin could also point out that whenever there's a couple, usually 9 times out of 10, it's the male who's driving - so he could say it's an educated guess. That might then start a discussion about why, in male-female couples, the male usually drives. (In my case, I'm just not mad about driving, and am happy to let the other party drive, and most men seem to like it.)

  5. love these little glimpses into the minds of Una & Fred.

    You can tell Una it's all about Smurfs and Dogs (the "he" thing) :)

  6. So Justin Beiber has some competition then?

    Are male drivers statistically more likely to leave their lights on high beam?

  7. Hahaha. That's hilarious!