Friday, July 08, 2011

School Holidays

Martin is being very busy and important writing a book.
So the rest of us went to the zoo. It was free for kids. It would have been a reasonably inexpensive day out if I hadn't got a parking ticket. Turns out you have to pay to park at the zoo. I am sure I would have noticed that if I hadn't been busy wrangling three children on my own. OH WELL.
Snake charmer (I freaked Freddy out by telling her the snake was trying to hypnotise her. She never wants to go in the reptile house again. Which is a shame because it is my favourite part of the zoo. Also it was warm.)
The butterfly house was also warm. This butterfly hung out with us for ages, allowing itself to be passed between the girls, then to another boy, then back to Fred again. Finally it flapped slowly away. It was either new (drying its wings) or very old.
The bears I love the bears the best.

Just to prove he was also there, this is Avery in the butterfly house. He liked looking at the butterflies, but his two favourite things at the zoo were the people and the fat greasy pigeons at the caf where we sat and ate our sandwiches and peanut butter and white chocolate blondies (another holiday activity).

Yesterday we went to buy new boots but the shoe shop lady poked the toes of Fred's beloved old boots and declared them fine till the end of winter. Fred was extremely pleased and we saved, ooh, about the cost of a parking ticket. We wandered through the dark dim shopping centre to the scrapbooking shop to buy some paper for making with. They were doing classes and on a high from not spending money on boots I booked the girls into an afternoon class.
Oh the cute.

I also bought Fred a dress at the winter sale in the kids clothing store. She picked one out herself and I told her to try it on. She wandered into the change room, giving me strict instructions to wait outside. A minute later she came out, still wearing her own clothes, carrying the dress still on the hanger.

"Do I take off all my clothes and put this on?" she whispered. Yeah, we mostly get hand-me-downs.


  1. I love your story about Fred in the changeroom. Love! Sounds like a fab day at the zoo except for the ticket! We might attempt it next week weather permitting. Thanks for posting the recipe for the blondies. Delicious! Next I'll be asking for the soup and bread ;-)

  2. looks like so much fun! (loving all your blog posts lately btw)

  3. Wow, your daughter looks so much like you!
    Looks like a very fun day at the zoo.

  4. I love the zoo. We were planning to get there these holidays but the days are running away from us and I suspect we will not make it. The footage of Avery is Cu.Ute.

  5. I so love your blogposts. We've been wanting to go to the zoo on these hols, but the weather's been rather rubbish. Last time we went to Healesville, E. was attacked by a scavenging ibis. It tried to take her biscuit and she engaged in a tug-o-war with it. Needless to say, wildlife wins. ;)

  6. The zoo pay parking makes me angry. We go often and am only now in the habit of having a $2 ready to go each time.
    I love the bear photo :)
    Did you find the frogs? They are to the right of the reptiles hidden around the corner, I really love the tiny frogs.

  7. I missed the frogs!

    Sad face.