Monday, July 11, 2011


With Martin
Kettle: boils.
Martin: from kitchen where he is scavenging bread. Were you making me a cup of tea?
Penni: Yes, I was! Do you want to finish the job?
Martin: Most of the work is yet to be done.
Penni: I boiled the kettle. I had the vision.
Martin: You're a big picture person. Big picture.

With Una
'I don't like him,' Una says (about her friend's mother's boyfriend). 'He looks weird.'
'Have you met him?' I ask.
'I've only seen a photo of him. B showed me a photo on her mum's phone.'
I have a premonition. I ask casually, 'Was he wearing a hat?'
'No,' Una says. She thinks about this for a moment and goes on, her voice clear as a bell, 'But I haven't seen a picture of him with clothes on. He was naked.'
'Oh.' The atmosphere thickens, well for me it does. Una seems oblivious. 'Was he going swimming?' I ask.
She shakes her head no.
'Was he about to get in the bath?'
Una puts a biscuit in her mouth and nods. All wide eyed innocence.


  1. Mmmmm. Glad Una wasn't phased, but doesn't sound perfectly right to me. There's a lesson in that for mums everywhere I think.

  2. Eeeep! (that's all I've got).

  3. If you were friendly with the mother I'd mention it.. Bill has photos of my boobs on his phone (TMI much?) but bit awkward if you're not mates with this mother. Still, I'd want to know if it were me.

    Lovely that your kid just passed over it and kept going.