Saturday, July 09, 2011

Eight Months

8 months, give or take a week.
He can wave. Maybe. He flails convincingly.
He eats nearly everything we offer him, though he is not fond of avocado or plain yoghurt.
He stores toast in the roof of his mouth which I find at the next breastfeed.
He has this funny panty noise he makes, and we make it back and he smiles and makes it again. It may sound like hyperventilating but to us it is the beginnings of a conversation.
He says "ahdare". Sometimes we take it to mean "oh, there." Sometimes it might mean Daddy. Sometimes we say it means "thank you." Sometimes it seems to mean "look, my dummy, would you like it? Actually I might keep it." Really I think it means "ahdare".
Sometimes he sleeps beautifully during the day. Sometimes he sleeps like crap. He has never slept for more than four hours at night (I am coping fine though). Lately in the evening, when we're watching tv, he will wake in the cot and cry. I lift him up or Martin does and carry him up to the lounge, where I will feed him or rock him back to sleep, and hold him in my arms. The weight of a sleeping baby is a particular pleasure, watching dreams ripple over his features is a private and intimate and fleeting joy.


  1. that was beautiful!
    and i love the layout and the pictures.
    so glad everything is going well - sans sleep though!

  2. Sounds like all is perfect in his little world. He's beautiful Penni x