Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A for enthusiasm, F for Sitting

So they're gonna do reports for kinder. You know, which I'm sure will be swell.

But why am I already dreading reading Fred's? (When I was in prep - you know, all of five years old - my report said I was immature. I think Frederique takes after her mother.)

Anyway, I like her just the way she is. My scattergirl.

In related news, we love the Lollipop People and this is a gorgeous piece of writing.


  1. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Cath Deveny strikes again! I so need to become her friend...

    Reports for kinder, how ridiculous. What a waste of time. And no doubt they'll be the same anodyne cliches they trot out for the preps anyway. If there are any actual As or Fs I will be Very Surprised Indeed.

  2. That idea is *almost* as clever as dredging the bay. Let's waste lot's and lot's of teacher time with silly paperwork. Under no circumstances should we do something constructive like actually move kinder to Dept of Education. It makes much more sense to have kinders run by weird arse parent committees comprised of power hungry, frustrated stay at home mums.

    (rant over...I think)

  3. Oh, I just LOVE Catherine Deveny. I bought her book last year, read it on the train to Adelaide, and have never laughed out loud so much, or wanted to punch the air and yell 'YES! Yes yes yes!' so many times. Sensible and funny.

    Reports for kinder ... yawn. I got reports from kinder - the teachers told me I needed to be worried about X, Y and Z and that obviously there were no worries at all about A, B or C. That's all you need. Kinder teachers don't get paid enough to write reports.

  4. Ariel, I was starting to have secret thought that you are Catherine Deveny. I agree, I find her hilarious.

    And I also agree that kinder teachers don't get paid enough to write reports. I'd rather they put that energy into smiling and not decking the children.

  5. Oh and a big heart yes to moving kinder into the Dept Ed. And then maybe everyone might get a place in their local area.

  6. As you know kinder here in Tas is in the Department of Ed and I think it works so well on so many different levels.

    Reports for that age are crap. I remember when Molly was 2 or 3 at childcare and they issued 'reports' and I just laughed and told the director how bizzare that really was. I mustn't have been the only one because we only ever got the one.