Monday, February 18, 2008

Thanks for the Memories

How cool is this guy?

The upshot is a 15 year old South Australian, Rory Stokes, has 'busted' the myth that goldfish have a three second memory. What a great story to read about a 15 year old in the Age. It seems all we ever read about teenagers are the Corey (who now?) 5 minutes of infamy stories. I bet Rory also knows how to party, he just doesn't have to wreck a suburb doing it. And he'd be considerate. Of the, you know, fish.

Does make me a little guilty about leaving our fish, Sprinkle, Santa and Reindeer, behind when we moved. I hope the new tenants love them/found them. Perhaps we should send them a card.

1 comment:

  1. an anti-Corey! how delightful. but i bet he won't make it on A Current Affair.