Thursday, February 07, 2008

Past lives and bluebirds

Frederique has started talking in eerily vivid detail about her past life.

Her mum and dad were dead and she lived with her Grandpa. Her Grandpa taught her to read maps and follow the trainlines and to tell the time by the stars. He also taught her to point with her fingers before she lifted binoculars to her eyes. Tonight she got up and came into the lounge room to tell me she missed her old Mummy and Daddy from before I was born, when I was living in Africa. Her old Mummy and Daddy died, and her Grandpa came and got her. He gave her a flute to play and the prettiest ribbon and a skipping rope but it broke. She said the gold looked like brown stones.

It's not that I believe her exactly, it's just that she's so convincing. She's been telling me this story over the period of about a month now and it builds such a clear picture that I want to write a novel out of it.

Speaking of novels I sent a little one off to Penguin today. It's called Bluebird and it's another Chomp. Hopefully they take it, though it is a little odd. I'll find out in a month or two I guess.


  1. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Spooky fascinating, please tell us more as she elaborates on this amazing story of hers. How old is your daughter again?

  2. Fred is four.

    She gave me another instalment last night, but I was tired and can't remember - it will come back to me.

  3. Anonymous7:32 PM

    that gave me goosebumps : )
    They say children are extra sensitive to past lives..
    and why not? : )
    Will used to talk a lot about his birth experience..
    or maybe he got that from me, I was so

    Rach xxx

  4. How can that stuff fail to spin you out?! There's imagination, then there's this...

  5. Hehe, get that story before she starts writing them herself, Penni. It won't be long I am thinking.
    I have one who has always been able to recount her dreams in vivid detail - and they always have a story arc, and are hilarious. Less of them now she is older though, and she discharges more of her verbal energies in other directions.