Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Video Killed the Radio Star

I am going to be on 3RPH this week, on the Children's Hour talking about The Indigo Girls. Only thing is, I'm not quite sure when that is. I found ancient reference online to a Children's Hour at 6pm on Tuesdays. So I'll be tuning in at 6 tonight to listen to myself gabble. Or maybe I won't. In Melbourne 3RPH is 1179AM. I am not sure (I am a font of unknowledge) if the Children's Hour is played in all states.

Being interviewed is weird because they ask you questions and sometimes you don't really know what you're going to say but you start talking anyway. Which leads to this strangely meandering answer. By the end of which you've forgotten the question.

Oh well.


  1. Anonymous9:58 AM

    I love it that you're on the radio :-)

  2. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Good luck with that. My daughter came home last week and said she is learning Video Killed the Radio Star at school. I could only just restrain myself from getting onto You Tube and introducing her to the Buggles. How 80's am I?
    Congrats on Indigo Girls. As the first in the series you get to be the guinea pig of the series. Like radio.

  3. Crap. Hope it wasn't last night, cos then I missed it.

  4. Don't worry, I missed it too. Clean forgot. Kate heard it though. Martin's going to ring and see if we can get a recording.